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Tampa Bay Bachelor & Bachelorette Party guide to the best Hot Spots in Tampa Bay Florida

On a budget or not, the guide to the best bachelor parties in Tampa Bay
Your best bro has bitten the bullet – he’s popped the question and even set a date. The only thing left to do before he joins the world of smug marrieds is throw him a bachelor party. Not just any bachelor party. It has to be outrageous. It has to top the scale in awesomeness. And, it has to be, as Barney Stinson on “How I Met Your Mother” would say, “legen…wait for it…dary.”

So naturally you’ve picked Tampa Bay for your destination. Good choice. Bachelor parties in Tampa Florida are guaranteed not to suck. You’ll never have to live down being “that” best man – the one who threw a bachelor party dud.
However, if you’re in charge of planning the big event, you may be feeling some pressure. Bachelor parties in Tampa Bay generally fall in two categories: The “money is no object” or the “we’re still saving to buy wedding gifts (and we haven’t paid our rent yet)” kinds.

No matter which category you’re in, your groom will have an unforgettable sendoff. We’ve put together a list of bachelor party ideas for both scenarios. Whether you’re throwing caution to the wind or reigning in expenses, there are five key ingredients for any stag gathering. They are listed below, in order of increasing importance…that’s why “The Ladies” appears last.

The Ladies
No bachelor party is complete without naked women. There are two places you’ll find them in Tampa Bay. First, and most obviously, at Tampa strip clubs. Many of the strip clubs in Tampa offer bachelor party packages as well as free limo transportation to and from most area hotels.

For a slightly more sophisticated viewing experience, go to The Penthouse. Considered the Tampa’s largest gentlemen’s club – with up to 100 ladies strutting their stuff nightly – every man in your party should lay eyes on the girl of his dreams…whether she be blonde or brunette, tall and skinny or short and curvy. Thee Dollhouse, which has attracted celebs all over the United States and 2001 Odyssey, with its Italian manor-like décor (really, there are over-sized chandeliers and a winding staircase in this place), are two other Tampa strip clubs on the classy side.

For men who find ogling naked women all the eye candy they need, make tracks for Scores Gentleman’s Club and Mons Venus. The décor and cocktails in these joints may not be as fancy, but they’ve still got what counts most: lots of hot, barely clothed women. Enough said.

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